Checkpoints: Graham Jarvis & Colton Haaker enduro documentary!︱Traction eRag The film makers behind the great Fifty Years of Kicks have been hard at work on a new project – Checkpoints. This feature-length motorcycle doco was filmed in Ontario, Canada, and it sets out to look at living a life devoted to off-road riding. They check in with five riders including Graham Jarvis, Colton Haaker, Paul Rodden and Larry Murray to discuss living an off-road lifestyle. Colton Haaker is the reigning 2016 FIM SuperEnduro World Champion and 2016 AMA EnduroCross National Champion. Colton comes into the X Games debut of Snow BikeCross riding a lot of hype, but says he's downplaying his expectations: riding with a snow bike conversion kit on his bike hasn't come as naturally as he'd imagined. Still, Colton Haaker a fierce competitor with a background in endurocross, motocross, trials and freeriding. Haaker is extremely adaptable, and Colton is not the only snow bike newbie in the field.

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Graham Jarvis and Colton Haaker really open up in Checkpoints so check out the interviews. Traction eRag launched a Kickstarter campaign and 167 supporters this happen!Checkpoints has the by-line "Life has many paths - which line will you take?" Is it worth making sacrifices to become a world-class professional rider, or is it better to ride motorcycles for pure enjoyment?

Checkpoints involves five riders, ranging from 15 to 75 years old:
Jamie Baskerville (age 15) - Beta-supported GNCC racer
Colton Haaker (age 25) - Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro champion
Graham Jarvis (age 40) - Red Bull Hard Enduro champion
Paul Rodden (age 75) - 50 years of competition and trail riding
Larry Murray (age 65) - former Can-Am and Husqvarna Enduro rider

What are the first steps in becoming a professional rider for guys like Colton Haaker and Graham Jarvis? What aspects of "normal life" do you have to give up in pursuing that goal? How does Jarvis remain on the podium when he is 40 years old? Can it always be fun? These are some of the questions posed in the film and addressed by a group of men who have focused their lives on dirtbikes. Graham Jarvis, born 1975, is a professional extreme enduro rider and won is first trials competition at the age of 10 and worked his way up to become 5 x British Trials Champion, 4 x Scottish Six Day Trial winner and reached World No.4 in trials. Graham Jarvis has placed first in all the major extreme enduro events: Romaniacs, Erzberg, King of the Hill, Hells Gate, The Tough One, Sea to Sky, Extreme Lagares, Roof of Africa. Jarvis enters endurocross events too.

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