Super Robot Showcase: Power Loader X-4 from "Power Dolls" / スパロボショーケース:「パワードール」のパワーローダーX-4

What if the Power Loader X-4 from POWER DoLLS - Omni Senki 2540- and POWER DoLLS Detachment of Limited Line Service Project α was in Super Robot Wars? An ability showcase.

POWER DoLLS was originally a series of tactics games for PC. In the games' setting, humanity has curbed overpopulation by migrating to the planet Omni, but the desire for self-governance sparks a war between Omni and Earth. The games follow the DoLLS (Detachment of Limited Line Service), an elite military unit consisting of only women who are deployed on high-profile operations.

-Omni Senki 2540- and Project α are a pair of single episode OVAs released based on the POWER DoLLS games.

「POWER DoLLS -オムニ戦記2540-」と「POWER DoLLS Detachment of Limited Line Service プロジェクトα」のX-4がスーパーロボット大戦シリーズに参戦したられば。全て武器と特殊能力。

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