Super Robot Showcase: Training Robot from "Dynagiga" / スパロボショーケース:「超機動伝説ダイナギガ」の教習ロボット

What if the training robot and Dynagiga from "Chou Kidou Densetsu Dynagiga" were in Super Robot Wars? An ability showcase.

Dynagiga is a 2-episode OVA following the students of the Smile Smile Robot Institute as they attend a 15-day training course to earn their robot license. From there, they learn the mysteries of the school. The protagonist of the OVA, Hikari Touno, is clumsy but cheerful.

This OVA does not have a large focus on combat, so Training Robots other than Hikari's are included, as well as tools and maneuvers that seem that they could work as an attack are included.

For clarity, the subtitles here are not mine.


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