IRIS season 3

Lee Min Ho is an independent agent that had been trained by special force from Pentagon. He try to help korean peninsula reunification because his bad history and he had been treated well by South Korean president's family.

Song Joong Ki is a leader team in NSS. His skill in firing and making strategies are the best in South Korea. He tries to fight againts IRIS and all threats.

Lee Jong Suk is the younger IRIS agent that had been an international fugitive. He was born in North Korea, he hates his country and South Korea as well.

Yoona is North Korean professional agent that has a secret mission. She is also a secret daughter of Park Chul Young. Her fighting skill can be compare to professional killer.

Shin Min Ah is IRIS secret agent that had been stayed in Seoul to find hidden nuclear. She is daughter of IRIS founder.

Seolhyun is NSS agent that has professional skill in disguisting and hacking. She is the most great white hacker in South Korea.

Lee Jung Jae is a head of North Korean security. He is a junior of Park Chul Young. He tried to protect Yoona like his own daughter.

Joo Jin Woong is chief director of NSS that has clean history. He became the right-hand of south korean's president.

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