KAN – 愛は勝つ / Ai wa katsu (ローマ字歌詞 / with Roman-alphabet lyrics)


Today, 17 November 2023, I learned that he had been taken to heaven.
I am quite distressed that another wonderful musician has left this world.
This ‘Ai wa Katsu’ is my favourite song and has been uploaded several times, but this time I created it with lyrics in Roman alphabets.
Thank you, KAN, for this wonderful song.
Please have a good rest.

I’ve tried written the meaning of the lyrics in English.
♪Ai wa katsu (Love Is All)♪
Writte by KAN

Don’t worry.
There will be a tomorrow when your thoughts will reach someone else.

No matter how difficult and discouraging it may seem.
Never stop believing in yourself.

Carry on, carry out
Even when you’re hurt and wounded and almost crushed by the sadness of love.
Oh, let’s dream again
If you know the joy of being loved

Whenever we find a meteor in the night sky
we have lived our lives by making a wish on it.

No matter how hard we try.
I’ll believe that love always wins in the end.

Carry on, carry out
Seek and be deprived, give and be betrayed, that’s how love grows.

The further the road, and the more difficult it is, the greater the joy of victory.

Don’t worry. Your courage will reach someone else, and tomorrow will come.

No matter how difficult and discouraging it may seem,
it is important to believe.
Believe that love will always wins in the end.
Believe that love will always wins in the end.


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