The Making of Bubblegum Crisis and the Fall of Studio Artmic

***John's Note: if the segment where I point out plagiarized music seems misleading due to using short clips, that is because I had to drastically shorten the examples and outright remove some others due to copyright. An alternate version with the full examples was added to my Patreon.***

A look at the making and eventual fall out of one of my favorite animes and studios.

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0:00 Intro
1:08 Artmic Beginnings
2:44 Mospeada
6:03 Megazone and Mega Pre-production
9:07 Episodes 1, 2, and 3
10:18 Oomori's New Contract
12:44 Big Bubble
13:35 Crash!
15:17 Crisis 2040
16:28 The Future

Artmic Design Works B-Club Special

B-Club Special Bubblegum Crisis

Anim-Eigo Liner notes Bubblegum Crisis

Interview with Kenichi Sonoda:

Interview with Kenichi Sonoda from Bubblegum Crisis DVD release
*Special feature on disc*

Mospeada Staff Interviews
*Booklet included with ADV Mospeada DVD release*

Toshimichi Suzuki Animerica Interview

Toshimichi Suzuki's Son's Twitter

Imaii Files (Leaked preproduction files from Plastic model company):

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