AD Police (Ep. 3) I Want Medicine | UK VERSION 1994

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AD POLICE - I WANT MEDICINE:- Billy Fanword is captain of the A.D. Police Special Mobile Squad. After sustaining massive injures during a fight with a rogue boomer and almost dying, his only remaining viable organs—his brain and tongue—are transplanted into an experimental battle cyborg body. He has a habit of biting his tongue, as the pain of it reminds him that he was once human. After Billy physically tears apart a heavy boomer in a firefight, concerns are raised about his combat abilities and performance. The doctor who created his body blames him for what she sees as degrading performance, but her colleague argues that since he is not fully a cyborg, as he retains his brain and memories, it is an emotional issue. He suggests that Billy's memories should be wiped to improve his performance. It is revealed that the doctor has developed an unhealthy sexual attraction to Billy and decides to up his dosage of DA-27, a sensory stimulant drug, so that he is more receptive of her overtures. Billy gets hooked on the drug and becomes increasingly aggressive whenever he is deployed, which happens more and more frequently thanks to his doctor's influence. Suspecting something is amiss, Gina, his former lover, confronts the scientist and accuses her of intentionally addicting him. The scientist waves the accusation away, saying that Billy is simply getting back to normal again. Gina disagrees, saying the she can feel that he's changed. As the scientist attempts to wean Billy off DA-27, he flies into a rage and experiences hallucinations. He obtains DA-27 from an illicit source to keep getting high without the scientist's permission. After finding out that she plans to let him die in the line of duty once she has gained prestige from selling his design, he helps himself to a massive dose of DA-27 that finally causes him to lose touch with reality. He kills the scientist when she comes to check up on him, and goes on a rampage through the AD Police station, gunning down many of his comrades. Gina, who has discovered his drug connection, arrives with an anti-tank rifle just in time to stop him from murdering Leon. Billy begs her to kill him, saying that he can't feel anything and that pain will make him human again. As his final request, he asks her to shoot him in his tongue. The episode closes with Billy being buried atop the station, in its cemetery.

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