Romance of the Three Kingdoms – EP6 Zhuge Liang vs Sima Yi (Summarized)

This is the sixth episode of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Summarised Series.
After the three kingdoms were established, and the death of major characters such as Liu Bei and Cao Cao, the war is left to the new generation. In this arc, we see the battle between the galaxy brains: Zhuge Liang vs Sima Yi.

This is the playlist of the Three Kingdoms series

Made in collaboration with Rui Chen 睿画三国
Bili Bili:

0:00 Introduction
0:31 Repelling Five Armies
3:03 Campaign Preparation
5:09 First Northern Campaign
9:50 Northern Campaign 2, 3 & 4
11:16 Final Northern Campaign

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Three Kingdoms
Qin Dynasty Origin
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羅貫中, 三國演義
Luo Guanzhong, Romance of the Three Kingdoms


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