10 Great 80’s Anime Gems That People Seem To Forget – The Golden Era

The audiences from all around the world have appreciated anime from as early as 1917. But with time, the quality and content improved drastically. By the 80s, the world of anime was at its peak with a great variety of genres picking up steam. Often termed as the Golden Era of anime, this time period saw the best of anime being served to the fans.

There are multiple reasons for the astounding boost in anime quality in the 80s. For instance, the introduction of new genres like sports anime worked wonders for the industry. CGI started to gain popularity and the formation of the iconic Studio Ghilbi also ensured a sudden hike in animation quality. The 80s were also the times when Hentai started being made because they could now escape the glare of the censors since people were renting and watching anime in their houses. All these factors and many more brought about some of the best anime shows ever in this era. Who can forget the likes of Dragon Ball that literally defined our childhood! This video is a tribute to this Golden era as we explore some of the hidden anime gems from the 80s.
M.D. Geist (1986) – 1:34
Angel’s Egg (1985) – 2:50
City Hunter (1987) – 3:56
Black Magic M66 (1987) – 5:07
Goku Midnight Eye (1989) – 6:17
Black Jack (1993) – 7:26
Golgo 13 – The Professional (1983) – 8:26
Space adventure Cobra (1982) – 9:46
Robot Carnival (1987) – 10:58
Crying Freeman (1988) – 12:15

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