You alone? -Yeah, I'm Single | Marvel Eternals Gilgamesh Ma Dong-seok & Yoon Kye-sang | The Outlaws

Ma Dong-seok, a.k.a Don Lee, a.k.a Gilgamesh plays the rightful one in Korean Movie 'The Outlaws', whereas Yoon Kye-sang makes sure to cause some trouble.

About 'The Outlaws' 범죄도시 (2017):
The movie tells a story of a fearless detective Ma Seok-do (Ma Dong-seok) who hunts down Jang Chen (Yoon Kye-sang), a cold-blooded boss of Heuksapa, an uprising criminal organization that turned Seoul’s Chinatown into a blood bath. Ma Seok-do is an old school detective with bravado who has been protecting the peace of his city with his strong fists and bold spirit. Together with Jeon Il-man, Seok-do plans an ultimate crime sweep to take down Jang Chen’s gangs in one night.
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Ma Dong seok a.k.a Don Lee 마동석 (Marvel Eternals as Gilgamesh, The Outlaws, The Outlaws 2, Unstoppable, Start-Up, The Soul-Mate, Train to Busan)
Yoon Kye sang 윤계상 (Former member of Kpop Boy Group g.o.d, starred in Kdramas My 19 Year Old Sister in Law, Chocolate with Ha Ji-won, Crime Puzzle, upcoming Disney’s Kiss Sixth Sense, The Outlaws Kmovie with Ma Dong-seok and upcoming Spiritwalker)

Director: Kang Yoon-sung 강윤성 (Director of Netflix Kingdom: Crown Prince Korean drama)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

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