Monsters, Mysteries, and Magical Girls! The History of the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series

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Special thanks to Windii ( for translating the sources for this video.
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John Notes:
I originally conceived this video as a shorter video mostly focusing on Poitrine but outlining the details regarding the other series and a few fun facts I had known of. As I researched I found more and more information that lead to me buying several books/magazines to get the biggest and clearest picture possible turning this into my largest video to date (and also my most expensive).

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0:00 intro
2:10 Robot 8-Chan
6:02 Batten Robomaru
9:07 Petonton
12:31 Nemurin
15:43 Kamitaman
17:00 Morimori Bokkun
18:33 Hard Gumi
21:30 Marin Gumi
24:33 Chinese Magical Girl Pai Pai
27:27 Chinese Magical Girl Ipanema
29:58 Masked Beauty Poitrine
33:36 Mysterious Girl of the Nile Thutmose
35:23 Sing! Palace of the Great Dragon God
38:21 Three Sister Shushutorian
42:32 Epilogue


Sources (available on Patreon):
Toru Hirayama - Confessions of a Crybaby Producer
Gekisou Sentai Carranger Mook
Revised Ishinomori Hero Guide
Toei Hero MAX Vol. 29
Tokusatsu Encyclopedia 1980-90

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