Beating 12 Hardest Roblox Bedwars Escape Rooms

Beating 12 Hardest Roblox Bedwars Escape Rooms
Roblox Bedwars has a bunch of dangerous items, so in this video, I got my friends to build the HARDEST and most DANGEROUS Roblox Bedwars escape rooms with tons of obstacles and traps, and I have to escape all of them in 20 minutes or less by using crazy tricks and glitches. Some of the tricks and glitches I used to beat these escape rooms can actually help you get better at the game, so I suggest you stick around. Anyways, enjoy the video!!

This is a Roblox Bedwars analysis/prison escape video.



Credits to MrBeast and SeaWattGaming for the idea, go sub to them!

DISCLAIMER: Yes, this video is a skit, but the tricks and glitches are 100% real!

Credits to Joshuathe5th for playing as the guard.

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