Texas Judge Won’t Let Sidney Powell Escape Punishment Over Election Lawsuits

Last week, a judge in Texas refused to dismiss a disciplinary investigation by the state bar into Sidney Powell’s filing of frivolous election challenge lawsuits. Powell’s attorney tried to argue in court that the cases she filed all had merit and that she was just trying to protect people’s votes, but the judge wasn’t moved at all by these arguments due to the complete lack of evidence to support her claims. Farron Cousins explains what happened.

Link – https://www.courthousenews.com/texas-judge-refuses-to-dismiss-disciplinary-case-against-former-trump-attorney/

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Last week, a judge in Texas heard a motion to dismiss from Sydney Powell’s attorneys. And what they were attempting to dismiss is an upcoming disciplinary trial for Sydney Powell in the state of Texas brought by the Texas state bar for knowingly filing frivolous lawsuits. And of course, trying to extend these lawsuits through the process of appeal in order to drive up the costs for everyone involved. Now that’s a pretty substantial charge. One that absolutely could result in Sydney Powell being disbar in the state of Texas. And we do know that she was basically hit with the same kind of complaint in the state of Michigan, where the judge who oversaw that trial, uh, not only penalized her for it, but also made her take a course in basic law so that, you know, she understands how badly she is screwed up. But her lawyers went into court in Texas last week, and actually tried to argue that all of her claims with these lawsuits filed in Wisconsin and Michigan and Texas and everywhere else that they actually had merit. And that she was just trying to be a, a, a good upstanding citizen by protecting people’s votes.

And of course the judge said, no, Uhuh, no, first of all, this is not an evidentiary hearing. You’re you’re trying to get this dismissed and you’re going way off topic, which of course, and the rules that they had laid out prior to last week’s hearings, you weren’t allowed to get off topic and her lawyers absolutely did. So that’s definitely not gonna help your case. Again, it was not an evidentiary hearing. You didn’t need to lay out all your things. You just needed to say why this was a frivolous motion by the Texas state bar and they couldn’t do it. Of course, at one point they did try to claim that this is just a political witch hunt, you know, as if we haven’t heard that phrase enough in the last five years, but again, the judge wasn’t moved and that’s good. We’ve got enough, you know, problematic lawyers in this country.

We don’t need another one, like Sydney Powell going out there flooding our judicial system with these, uh, with these knowingly frivolous lawsuits, which of course is what these are. She has no evidence to back up any of her claims. And in fact, some of the other people that have been involved in some of these lawsuits have admitted that they’ve said, listen, we, we don’t have anything. We, we were kind of hoping we’d find it, you know, during the course of discovery. Well, unfortunately that’s not how it works, right? You have to have some kind of evidence to base your case on you. Can’t just throw something at the wall and hope that you get to the point of discovery to maybe find evidence of a crime that is not how our legal system works. So the state bar in Texas,

This is what they’ve hit her with. According to courthouse news, the bar association claims pow, uh, Powell filed federal lawsuits in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin that were frivolous and violated federal rule of civil procedure, 11 and five subsections of the Texas disciplinary rules of professional conduct. It alleges Powell took positions in the litigation that unreasonably increased the costs of the cases and quote unreasonably delayed their resolution, including it alleged failure, failure to drop a lawsuit in the Eastern district of Michigan when requested relief was moot. Basically what they’re saying is even after her lawsuits had been thrown out without merit, even after she couldn’t provide any evidence to back up any of her claims, she continued to push the lawsuit and appeal the rulings when they were thrown out of court, which of course puts unnecessary cost burdens on the people that she’s suing, you know, P uh, specifically the, the voting machine companies.

So they incurred all of these extra costs because she couldn’t let it go. Even though she knew she had no case to stand on. So hopefully as this goes forward, Sidney Powell gets kicked out of the state bar of more and more states. I mean, based on what I’ve seen,

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