Doteraman(1986) Episode 6

This is the 6th episode of Tatsunoko Production’s 1986 anime, “Doteraman” which ran on Nippon TV from October of that year to February of 1987, for a total of 20 episodes. Because this is one of Tatsunoko’s least popular series(the characters didn’t even appear in Tatsunoko V.S. Capcom), this was the only episode I could find, and sadly it isn’t subtitled, so you can feel free to make your own English subtitles that aren’t related to the plot, or if you are planning a fansub, notify me. I should be able to respond, even when I’ll be in Europe in a few days.

The reason I’m uploading this again is because HokutoFan took it down probably because of poor viewing numbers. But I will not be pulling it down despite those kind of numbers, thus, I want to show this forgotten series to everyone.

©1986. Tatsunoko Production Inc. All rights reserved.

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