Jikuu Senshi Spielban: All Spielban, Diana & Helen Henshin 時空戦士スピルバン (スピルバン, ダイア ナ& ヘレン 変身) Kesshou!

From episode 1 to Episode 44. Which Henshin did you like best? (どっちがいい?)
Did you do the henshin when you were young? Let me know in the comments.

Neo's Note:
1) I never watched Spielban but by creating this video, I know I would have enjoyed it if I did.
2) Happy that Naomi Morinaga was also part of the show. I was happy that she didn't die and became part of the team in the later episodes.
3) For people who don't know. Spielban was the original footage of the short lived VR Troopers.

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