Russian Army’s Radio Speech Leaked!

Russian Army’s Radio Speech Leaked!

The radio conversations of Russian soldiers participating in the Ukraine war created surprise.

While the 5th day of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine was living, the resistance of the Kyiv administration surprised the Russians. The slow progress of the operation and the inability to reach the desired targets demoralized the Russian soldiers, and their confusion was reflected in their radio conversations.

While there were violent clashes on the 5th day of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, the control of critical areas almost oscillates between the armies of the two countries. While the Russian army, besieging Kiev, was constantly repulsed by the resistance it faced, the soldiers’ speech in the radio conversations emerged. The words of the Russian soldiers almost summarized the situation on the field.

Russian Soldiers Confused: WE DON’T KNOW WHO WE ARE SHOOTING
Speaking to the American news channel ABC News, the senior US official said he heard a Russian soldier say on the radio: “We don’t know who we’re going to shoot, they all look like us.”

The official also said that some Russian forces were disoriented and realized that the war against the Ukrainians was more difficult than they thought.

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