Developers Online: Physics & Sound in Update 9.14, and Offline & Online Events

As we count down to the 10th Anniversary of World of Tanks, let's reminisce about Update 9.14 and its new physics and sound systems, learn about the origins of WG Fest, and find out who came up with the beloved Frontline and New Year's events. Catch up on old times together with 5 developers: Maxim Chuvalov, Aleksey Tomanov, Vitaliy Lashkov, Anastasiya Blokhina, and Kirill Perekrest!

Video highlights:
0:00 Physics and sound in Update 9.14
2:52 How does sound slow down a vehicle?
4:44 The Death Star sound improved
5:26 How WG Fest was born
6:28 Anastasiya on Polish curse words
7:03 Setting up WG Fest
8:00 Dolph Lundgren and the carpet
10:14 Stolen decibels
11:48 How to kick BI-2 off the stage
15:47 The origins of Frontline
17:42 WG Fest again
19:21 Why the New Year event didn't launch in 2015
21:31 Launching the New Year event in 2016
23:33 Kirill's hair is going gray
24:08 WG Fest once again

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