Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78 Prototype 01-Side Story-First Part-ITA-sub ENG-FRA-PORT[Fan Made CGI Movie]

Mobile Suit
Prototype 01

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This is no-profit project on Gundam RX-78 prototype 01, a fan made movie.
This is a Side Story.

Italian language – English, Français and Portuguese (Brazilian) subtitles.

Thanks for watching this video.

a film by Antonio Vallorani
story by Antonio Vallorani
screenplay by Fabio Russo
English subtitles by Fabio Russo
Portuguese (Brazilian) subtitles by Nivaldo Vieira Nascimento
Français subtitles by Valeria Iandola and Cedric Vidal

dubbing director Darksoul2403

Adam Heaven voice by Darksoul2403
Geno Fabbrini voice by Melkor93
Gihren Zabi voice by AleM
Megaphone voice by Laura alex

Layout, Modelling, Texturing, Rigging/setup, Lighting, rendering by Antonio Vallorani

Compositing, Motion Graphic, Color Correction, Final output by Antonio Vallorani

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