‘Enemy Number 1’: Admiral Kolchak and the Russian Civil War

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November 1918. In western Europe, the four-year slaughter of World War One was drawing to an end.But across the former Russian Empire, a new conflict had broken out… a civil war that raged from central Europe to the Pacific, claiming an estimated nine million lives. Lenin, the Bolsheviks and their new Soviet Republic battled for survival against their many enemies – collectively known as the ‘Whites’.

The Whites’ great hope: their newly-appointed ‘Supreme Ruler of Russia’, Admiral Alexander Kolchak. Kolchak was a war hero, a man of duty and discipline, who believed above all in service to ‘the motherland’. Millions looked to him to crush the Bolsheviks, avenge the murdered Tsar, and save Russia from chaos and collapse.

This is the extraordinary tale of the life and death of Admiral Kolchak – Russia’s only ‘Supreme Ruler’.
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