Super Robot Showcase: Gordam from “Gowapper 5 Gordam” / スパロボショーケース:「ゴワッパー5 ゴーダム」のゴーダム

What if Yadokari Jeep, Heli Marine, Turtle Tank, Geso Machine, Ei Plane, Gordam, Gordam Skyhigh, Gordam Dragon, Gordam Cricketer / Gordam Moler, and Gordam Tiger from “Gowapper 5 Gordam” were in Super Robot Wars? An ability showcase.

“Gowapper 5 Gordam” is a 36 episode anime featuring superhero and Super Robot elements. While the series often features comical moments drawing from the young heroes’ physical differences and mischevious personalities, it should not be confused with a comedy or parody series; the enemies that the heroes fight as presented as a legitimate threat, and many episodes have a dramatic tone as a result.

The series continues the trend of numerous other popular superhero anime by Tatsunoko Production while also being one of the studio’s first forays into mecha. The series’ staff included many of the notable figures associated with the studio at the time, including director Hisayuki Toriumi who had previously worked on series like Gachaman and Tekkaman, character designer Yoshitaka Amano who would later be associated with such works as Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D, and Kunio Okawara in his first role designing the headlining humanoid mecha for an anime series as he would later do for Mobile Suit Gundam.

The series is perhaps best remembered for being the first mecha anime to feature a female lead protagonist. However, it is also an easily example of a mecha series following a team of five pilots, debuting about two weeks prior to Com Battler V, and three years before the introduction of mecha to the Super Sentai franchise starting with Battle Fever J. Perhaps owing to it being an early example of the format, Gordam is somewhat unusual; it does not combine from the Gowapper 5’s individual vehicles, but simply serves as a carrier for them when deployed. It does have a combination feature, but it uses an internal factory to produce the parts it combines with.

The series follows the Gowapper 5, a group of five young would-be adventurers. On the suggestion of their leader, Youko Misaki, they embark to the Odd-Faced Island. There, they discover a hidden base, which is in actuality the cockpit of the giant robot Gordam. Gordam’s main computer projects an image of its long dead creator, Dr. Ooarai, who entrusts the Gowapper 5 to pilot Gordam to defend humanity against the coming invasion of the Subterranean Demon People, beings from within the Earth who inhabit bodies made of materials such as clay and magma.

「ゴワッパー5 ゴーダム」のヤドカリジープとヘリマリンとタートルタンクとゲソマシーンとエイプレーンとゴーダムとゴーダムスカイハイとゴーダムドラゴンとゴーダムクリケッターとゴーダムタイガーがスーパーロボット大戦シリーズに参戦したられば。全て武器と特殊能力。

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