Japanese dance troupe Avantgardey to star in Lunar New Year’s Eve special|Taiwan News

Japanese girl group Avantgardey has landed in Taiwan. The dance group has taken the world by storm with its quirky act, which combines retro uniforms, deadpan expressions, and exaggerated physical comedy. The performers are in Taiwan to shoot a new routine at iconic landmarks. The final product will debut in a TV special on Lunar New Year’s Eve, in a celebration of Taiwan-Japan ties.

Sporting retro school uniforms and severe black bobs, the dancers execute formations in perfect sync. Their deadpan stares and quirky facial expressions conjure up an air of whimsy.

The dance troupe greets Taiwanese fans in Mandarin. They are Avantgardey, and they’ve catapulted to online fame with their unique take on dance. This summer, they even competed on “America’s Got Talent.”

The musicality is off the charts, and the storytelling on point. The group has set off a craze for vintage dance in the west, with their videos amassing tons of views online. The General Association of Chinese Culture invited the group to Taiwan to shoot a Lunar New Year’s Eve special.

Formosa Lee
Each part of the program will showcase different groups combining different specialties. For the Lunar New Year’s Eve program, we hope to highlight the friendship between Taiwan and Japan. So we brought over Avantgardey, a performance group from Japan. They have almost 10 million views online. They are an extremely popular dance troupe. So they create a connection to Taiwan. We hope that by showcasing the group against Taiwan backdrops, we can bring global audiences closer to Taiwan.

The group will dance for 48 hours at famous historic landmarks in Northern Taiwan. Unique moves will blend with quintessentially Taiwanese backdrops, to usher in the Year of the Dragon with an unforgettable show.

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