Shuten Doji 手天童子 Episode 04【1989】

Student Jiro Shutendo is unaware that he has mystical powers which could lead mankind to heaven or hell. During Heian period, at Mt. Oe, which is close to Kyoto, two war demons and blue demons fight deadly while going back and forth between space and space. Eventually, the battle extends to the present age, and the war demon with the baby defeats the blue demon. At the same time, the war demon gives a baby to the young man Ryuichiro Shiba and his lover Kyoko, who promises to come back 15 years later and disappears. Mr. and Mrs. Shiba, who named the baby Shutendojiro and loved him as if he were a real child, gradually realized that his body had changed since he became a high school student 15 years later. An enemy demon finally appears in front of him. The demon uses the beautiful girl Miyuki Shiratori to aim for Koro…

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