3 Reasons Why I DON’T Recommend 47 Ronin | How it Makes Japanese People Sick and Angry

“I had a hard time deciding if I should really make this video or not…“

Everyone, thank you so much for your requests you gave us in the comments of the previous “movie reviews from Japan” video.
Out of the many movies, “47 ronin” had the most requests.

It is a fantasy adventure movie which is based on the historical story of the 47 Ronin or in Japanese known as “忠臣蔵 chushingura,” and was released in 2013.

…However, I actually hesitated to make this video, because I might be disappointing those of you who like this film.
47 Ronin is one of the samurai related movies that I least recommend people to watch.

Please understand that I’m not actively trying to make a negative video, but I can’t lie either and I’m just being very honest with my thoughts.

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1:45 The plot: 47 Ronin
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