Rhea Gall Force OVA | Spanish Sub (1989 Anime OVA)

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Gall Force (ガルフォース, Garu Fōsu) is a metaseries of science fiction anime OVA by the studios Artmic and AIC, with production by Youmex. The original character designs were by Kenichi Sonoda, though these were dropped for the Gall Force: The Revolution remake. Central Park Media has licensed most of the films and OVAs with the exceptions of Ten Little Gall Force, Scramble Wars and The Revolution.

Rhea Gall Force takes place in the aftermath of the Stardust War, but before the events of Earth Chapter. In the 21st century the Earthen discovery of derelict alien technology on the Moon—which are in fact the remnants of the events in Eternal Story—ignited an arms race as the “Western” and “Eastern” blocs rushed to deploy the technology as weapons, including a form of artificial life based on the Paranoids, the MME. This artificial life turned on humanity, starting a war of extermination against their creators.

Rhea Plot Summary

In the year 2084, scientist Grey Newman found and reverse-engineered the technology from a Solnoid ship found on the Moon (see Eternal Story) and unintentionally brought about the end of civilization. World War III breaks out and in the middle of battle, the human’s own alien synthezoids turn against their creators, nearly annihilating humankind.

Later in the year 2085, the remaining humans are on the run from the machines who are terminating them. In order to survive to defeat the alien machines, the human race must leave Earth, and go to Mars. Among these voyagers is one woman who bears the burden of guilt for her father’s contribution to the destruction of civilization

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