[Trailer] 天若有情 III 之烽火佳人 ( Moment Of Romance III, A ) - HD Version

Moment Of Romance III, A 天若有情 III 之烽火佳人 (1996)

導演: 杜琪峯

領銜主演: 劉德華, 吳倩蓮, 方中信

劉天偉出身名門望族. 時值中日戰爭, 天偉加入空軍第四大隊第二十四中隊, 專責運送訊息. 一次行動中, 劉之軍機被日機擊中, 急降雙山村, 得村姑小禾相救. 劉性命垂危, 村婦及小禾悉力搶救, 性命得保. 劉與小禾朝夕相對, 情愫漸生. 期間劉拆卸炸彈釋放硫磺粉救粟米田, 村民生計可保. 但劉與小禾的親密接觸卻惹來村長阻止, 原來小禾與村長兒子早有婚約, 小禾唯有疏遠天徫. 劉終與基地聯絡上, 不日動身. 兩人就此分隔兩地. 偉返武漢, 時戰雲密佈, 劉母欲將愛子調入參謀部, 愛子卻自薦與二十四中隊並肩轟敵. 而小禾亦鼓起勇氣向村長表達立場, 並孤身上路, 終尋得天偉. 日軍鐵驥將至, 劉家收拾行裝不日撤退. 天偉將軍人證件交禾, 以喻己將戰死. 出發之日, 勇士將慷慨就義, 劉母, 空軍部, 以及眾女眷悽然送別. 小禾趕及送行. 中隊逾時不歸, 眾人無奈撤離, 但小禾對天徫凱旋歸來之信心不移, 令劉母動容. 此際中隊告捷, 眾人歡呼, 天偉與小禾永不分離.

Director: Johnnie To

Starring: Andy Lau, Wu Chien-Lien, Alex Fong

Lau Tin-wai is a descendent of a notable family. At that time China and Japan are at war with each other and Lau joins the 4th battalion of the 24th squadron in the airforce. The corps engages in missions for delivering messages. During a flying mission, Lau's military plane is shot down by the Japanese aircraft and Lau makes an emergency landing on Double Mountain Village. He is rescued by a village girl called Siu Wo. The female villagers and Siu Wo try their very best to salvage the dying man and Lau is ultimately brought back to life. Lau and Siu Wo stay closely together and they start loving each other. During his stay, Lau saves the cornfields, which is the lifeblood of the villagers, from worm pest with the sulphur powder obtained from dismantled bombshells, thereby assuring the livelihood of the villagers. The head-villager, however, prohibits Lau and Siu Wo from having any further intimate contacts, for the girl is engaged to his son. Siu Wo has to stay away from Lau. The latter eventually succeeds in making contact with the headquarters and sets forth in a few days' time. The pair then becomes separate. Tin-wai returns to Wuhan and war is impending. His mother wants to transfer her beloved son to the general staff, yet the son offers his service to bombard the enemies with the 24th squadron. In the meantime, Siu Wo plucks up her courage to assert her own wish to the head-villager, and goes on her own to Wuhan, ultimately succeeding in finding Tin-wai. Japanese troops are marching towards Wuhan and the Laus are busily packing up for a retreat. Tin-Wai gives his serviceman's I. D. card to Siu Wo, anticipating his death in the battlefield. The time arrives, when the brave warriors board their planes. They are ready to sacrifice their life for their country. Madame Lau, the air force personnel and the wives sadly bide them farewell. Siu Wo hurries to the scene, arriving just in time to see her lover off. The squadron has not returned after the assigned time for the fight. Those waiting at the landing field have no choice but to evacuate. Yet Siu Wo believes confidently in the triumphant return of Lau, which even moves Madame Lau. When the squadron finally returns in great triumph, everyone shouts for joy. Tin-wai and Siu Wo no longer leave each other.
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