UBER ONE – Montell Did It

Want to save on Uber and Uber Eats, like Montell Jordan? This is how you do it: sign up for an Uber One membership.

Learn more about Uber Eats: https://1eb4.short.gy/aYXNxS

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About Uber Eats:
Order from your favorite restaurants and convenience stores, online or with the Uber app. The restaurants will prepare your order, and a nearby delivery person will deliver it to your door. We reimagine the way the world moves for the better. For all the things you want to get. For all the ways you want to earn. Across the entire world. In real-time. At the incredible speed of now.

Connect with Uber Eats:
Deliver with Uber Eats: https://t.uber.com/ciGG7Y
Order food with Uber Eats: https://t.uber.com/m66ELv
Join Uber One: https://1eb4.short.gy/TjpE23
Follow Uber on TIKTOK: https://t.uber.com/we6XDR
Follow Uber Eats on INSTAGRAM: https://t.uber.com/3cPzYj
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UBER ONE – Montell Did It

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