[Takeshis Castle UK Season 1] Rice Bowl Downhill Best Fails

Silly splash! Rice Bowl Downhill Best Fails from Takeshis Castle UK Season 1 "Donbura, donbura, donbura!" ... "Kokko, kokko, kokko!"

Rice Bowl Downhill (also known as Bowling Down the River and The Hot, Steaming Bowl of Love) is one of the splashy challenges in Takeshi's Castle, where contestants have to keep themselves inside a bowl as they slide down a slippery and watery slope.

Takeshi's Castle was real cracker of a TV game show from Japan, that was originally aired in the 80's.

This Rice Bowl Downhill Best Fails compilation is taken from the episodes in the 1st season of Takeshi's Castle UK.

Takeshis' Castle, copyright by Tokyo Broadcasting System

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