How To SURVIVE ALONE In Antarctica For 47 Days

Tim Jarvis has re-enacted two of the harshest Antarctic expeditions ever, choosing to do them in the original clothing & gear used a century ago.
Like Douglas Mawson, he pulled a sled alone across the Antarctic for 300 miles. And like Ernest Shackleton, he led a small team in a row boat for 2 weeks in the most dangerous polar ocean in the world. This is his story.
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The Man That Survived Antarctica for 47 Days

My name is Mark Gagnon and I do a podcast called Flagrant with Andrew Schulz, Akaash Singh, and AlexxMedia. This is a my solo project where I talk to the most interesting people in the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Pod Starts
2:11 – The Journey Of Douglas Mawson
15:00 – How do you drag a sled for a month through Antarctica?
24:00 – Dangling to your death, and climbing out
27:21 – The Journey Of Ernest Shackleton
37:15 – Sailing through the most dangerous ocean in the world
44:15 – Leadership in the harshest terrain in the world

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Thank you to Colm McGuinness for letting me use your song “Hoist The Colors” for the intro

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