a collection of michiru oshima anime music

[FMA OST] 0:00 Heart of Steel
1:22 Bratja (Brothers)
5:27 Reunion
6:51 Road to Manhood
8:07 Warmth
[FMA 2 OST] 9:32 Immortality
[Akagami no Shirayukihime OST] 11:52 Contact
13:02 The Meeting: Prologue
14:06 The Meeting: Feelings of Desire for Each Other
[Bloom Into You OST] 16:23 You Can Stay Like That
18:43 Embrace
20:29 Feelings Gather
22:29 I Want to See You
24:20 Earnest Wish
27:20 Seems Like Tossed
[Tatami Galaxy OST] 29:00 Yojouhan Ki Owari
[Zetsuen no Tempest OST] 30:43 Reminiscence
[Sora no Woto OST] 33:45 Amazing Grace [9/7/2021 EDIT: LOL got copyrighted for amazing grace. i deleted this part of the video to comply with copyright but okay, youtube, bitch.]

Music obviously belongs to Michiru Oshima 🙂

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