[Full Movie] 少林寺十八罗汉 Shaolin Temple | 武侠动作电影 Martial Arts Action film HD

Synopsis: The martial arts action movie “Eighteen Arhats of Shaolin Temple 少林寺十八羅漢” tells a story in the 33rd year of Jiajing Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1554), at the behest of the Emperor 18 Shaolin kung fu monks (using the long stick as the weapon) headed by Monk Wujue take off to the south to help defend the empire’s shores against the Japanese Pirates invasion. Shortly upon their arrival on the Jiangsu-Zhejiang frontline the monks encountered a team of Japanese Pirates and rescue the civilians held hostage from the enemy. The twin brother of the commander of the pirates Seton is killed in the battle. The monks leading the refugees flee to Feiyu Fortress seeking protection, where the garrison, dreading the ferocious Japanese Pirates, have taken flight. The monks decide to stay and stoke up at the fortress. Learning his twin brother was killed by the monks, Seton slaughters local monasteries and vows to kill off all the monks. He sends the bulk of his army to Feiyu Fortress where mostly are women and the elderly. The monks’ mission was to teach Shaolin Kungfu to the soldiers on the front line, yet they remain with the civilians at the fortress to protect them from a carnage. They successfully hold off the invaders in their first round of attack, but the defense plan failed subsequently following the rash moves by Wuzheng, one of the younger monks. Several other monks are since butchered. After learning that the fortress has been guarded by a body of monks, Seton immediately dispatches his ninja troops to carry out a raid in the build-up to the final battle. Colonel Cao from the Ming army had been passing himself as one of the refugees and trying to talk the monks into retreating. Now he is gripped by shame and pitches in with the defense and successfully repels the ninjas. Livid at the successive failures to capture the fortress, Seton sends out all his troops to avenge the death of his brother and wipe out the monks. At this decisive moment, the monks form the tactical staff formation to deter the frenzied enemy offensive so that the civilians could escape unharmed.

故事简介: 古装武侠动作电影《少林寺十八罗汉 Shaolin Temple, Eighteen Arhats》讲述明朝嘉靖三十三年,以悟觉和尚为首的少林十八棍僧接到皇上的御诏,奉旨南下帮助沿海共同抗击日本海盗。江浙前线,长途奔波后还未来得及修整的棍僧们与日本海盗一番打斗,救下一众百姓,日本海盗首领小西藤的孪生弟弟被棍僧所杀。棍僧带领难民一路前往飞鱼隘口,寻求隘口守军的帮助,谁知飞鱼隘口的明军听闻日本海盗的凶残早已逃离。棍僧们只好先在此歇脚。得知孪生兄弟被和尚所杀,小西藤血洗当地寺庙,誓要杀光所有和尚。悟觉等人浑然不知小西藤已派出主力部队攻打飞鱼隘口,棍僧们原本的任务只是教授明朝部队少林武功,但此时隘口中仅存的都是老弱妇孺,如果离开可以自保,但隘口必将生灵涂炭。棍僧们当即决定留在隘口帮助村民抵抗日本海盗,生死存亡之际,十八棍僧共同抵挡了日本海盗的第一次进攻。原本的防守计划因师弟悟正的冲动所失败,还因此导致几位师兄弟被日本海盗残忍杀害。日本海盗首领小西藤得知防守隘口的守军竟是一帮少林和尚,随即派出了忍者部队进行偷袭,以便发动最后的决战。藏于难民之中的明军将领曹校尉一直奉劝和尚们赶紧撤离,可少林棍僧们的表现却让曹校尉自行惭愧,最终帮助棍僧们抵挡住可忍者部队的偷袭。两次进攻失败彻底激怒了小西藤,派出全部兵力誓要攻下飞鱼隘口,杀掉和尚们为弟弟报仇。最后关头,棍僧们为了掩护百姓们撤离,摆出了棍阵,以肉身阻止了日本海盗的疯狂进攻,成功让百姓脱离危难。

出品 Studio: 奇树有鱼 Qishu Youyu Media, 传影文化 Chuanying Media, 精鹰传媒 JY Media.
制片人 Produced by: 罗婧婧 Luo Jingjing, 思文 Si Wen, 有为 You Wei, 项炜斌 Xiang Weibin, 姚劲虎 Yao Jinhu.
导演 Directed by: 张著麟 Zhang Zhulin, 李希杰 Li Xijie.
编剧 Screenplay by: 画龙 Hua Long.
主演 Starring: 谢苗 Xie Miao (Miu Tse), 谷尚蔚 Gu Shangwei, 龙杨杨 Long Yangyang, 胡世群 Hu Shiqun, 杨甜甜 Yang Tiantian, 徐绍航 Xu Shaohang, 杜冠儒 Du Guanru.
题材 Genres: 古装 武侠 #MartialArts 动作 #Action

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