The Best of Dragon Ball Super's Soundtrack - 1 Hour Anime Music (Part 4)

Dragon Ball Super Original Soundtrack Vol.2

▶ Composed by Norihito Sumitomo, Takafumi Iwasaki, Kazuya Yoshii

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0:00 Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type C)
2:26 The Final Death-Match
5:10 Unwinnable Battle
7:15 A Secret Plan with One's Life on the Line
9:42 The Power to Resist
12:01 A Fearsome Foe
14:25 Dream Tag Match
16:46 Formidable Foe
18:34 Instant-Kill Battle
20:44 Strongarm Battle
22:16 Omni-King's Theme
23:45 Knockout Blow
25:42 Desperate Plan
27:24 Distant Journey
29:19 Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type B)
30:52 Limit-Break
32:54 Unknown Territory
34:54 Universe 7 in Trouble
36:38 Prelude to Battle
38:58 Jiren's Theme
40:36 The Mortals' Hymn
42:30 Heroic Battle
44:05 The Birth of Merged Zamasu
45:30 Humiliating Defeat
46:39 Zamasu's Overwhelming Power
47:50 Fistfight Battle
49:39 Solving the Mysterious Puzzle
51:13 Death-Match with Goku Black
52:52 Zero Mortal Plan
54:53 Warrior Spirit
57:27 The Wall Before One's Eyes
59:10 An Eerie Foe

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