Tomonori Jinnai's 【Jindam the earth soldier】

Jinnai got a mission to control ""Jindam the earth soldier"" for world's peace.
This story is hommage to one of the most famous Japanese anime.
Don't miss backstage of the story at ending, too.

March 3, 2021.
Tomonori Jinnai's YouTube channel has launched!
A video will be broadcasted every Wednesday, at 20:00!

■ Who is Tomonori Jinnai?
A Japanese entertainer
He produces short, solo-based content on a variety of situations using videos.
Also performs live overseas, including in the United States and South Korea.

■ Tomonori Jinnai's Twitter Account

#NETAJIN #陣内智則 #JinnaiTomonori #ネタ
#TomonoriJinnai #Jindam #mobilesuit

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