Circuit no Ookami II: Modena no Ken [480p Quality] [Raw]

Follow the exciting adventures of Ken Ferrari, a former racer and motor journalist with an appetite for women.

Quality: VHS Rip
Rip: unknown contributor
Now, this is a particular OAV. The source manga was published in Weekly Playboy. So, an adult magazine. 1990 sure was another time... Readers expected to self insert into manly winners proactively wooing chicks, not high school doormats who seem to mysteriously attract females as if they excrete pheromones in abnormal quantity. It's as if, somehow, this type of audience disappeared and another one completely took over. From some critics I read, CnO II doesn't seem to be a prime watch. Independently of quality, though, I dumped it here anyway. Yes, it is another of these anime not having any raw officially reported in anidb. A piece of luck that I can prove the database to be faulty.

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