Shinshuu Sudama Hen OVA 神州魑魅変 Episode 02 【1988】

Time is Edo, the world of Genroku. There was a golden vein that is said to sleep in Nasu Kyuho. The key to solving the mystery of the mine vein was to intersect with the golden dragon and Mouryou in Takamagahara. The Hazuki clan is targeted by Shogun Tsunayoshi and others as he holds the secret of the golden dragon. In such a Hazuki clan, there was a man who fought a deadly battle with a terrible secret sword and immovable sword against the approaching enemy as the shadow of the clan. He is named Hazuki Kageshiro. He is the shadow of his brother, the lord of Hazuki. The glitter of the secret sword that protects Orie, the daughter who hides the secret of the dragon, and cuts off the sword, cuts through the darkness hidden in the folds of history.

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