10 Rated R Insanely Brutal Anime From 80's and 90's (The Golden Era!)

The 80s and 90s anime scene was rife with some ultra-violent stuff that the American media companies wouldn’t dare to distribute! This was typically the effect of the VHS era when anime found its way to the underground film market. Some ghastly ideas were taking shape, and some plotlines were a bit too twisted and morbid for comfort. There was a wide range of genres from post-apocalyptic horror to nihilistic cyberpunk stories, and the only thing common in them was the ultimate bouts of gore!
In this video, we will take you through some of the craziest ultra-violent anime from this Golden Era of Anime. If you are easily offended or disturbed by extreme forms of graphic violence, now is the time to look away because this is going to be one mean ride!

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