[1988] Dragon's Heaven (ドラゴンズヘブン) Original Soundtrack - Full Album

1. DANCIN' WITH A HEARTACHE [0:00] Vocals: Yuiko Tsubokura
Lyrics: Kyouko Hoshino
Composed by: Yuiko Tsubokura
Arranged by: Masao Nakajima

2. Last War [4:00] 3. Awakening After 1000 Years [7:04] 4. Dragon's Heaven [9:41] 5. Walled City [13:28] 6. Ikuru and Shaian [16:47] 7. Nemesis El Medine [20:11] 8. The End Of Kerutoria [22:20] 9. Orion's March [24:54] 10. Underground Palace [28:55] 11. Ikuru's Dance On The Battlefield [32:19]

12. Embrace Tomorrow [36:05] Vocals: Yuiko Tsubokura
Lyrics: Kyouko Hoshino (星野今日子)
Composed by: Keiji Katayama
Arranged by: Takanobu Masuda

BGM composed and arranged by:
Yasunori Iwasaki (03, 04)
Takanobu Masuda (02, 05, 07~10)
Takashi Masuzaki (11)
Except track 06: Composed by Keiji Katayama & Arranged by Takanobu Masuda

(NOTE: The scans featured in this video are scanned from my LP copy of the album, but the audio itself is sourced from the CD version)

Previously had this uploaded on my channel for a few years now, using a vinyl rip I had recorded myself with what used to be sub-par equipment. I recorded it again when I got new & better equipment, but a Discord user on an old anime server I'm in (who shall be referred to as "Round Pound of Mound") happens to own both the LP & CD for this anime lol. Dude was kind enough to share the FLACs of the CD rip and gave me permission to post 'em on other places due to its extreme rarity. Big thanks to him!!

There you have it. I also went and replaced the album pics that I used in the old video with scans of the album. Previously I had taken the pics with my phone camera but these scans should do the job for sure.

Now about the OST itself---I'm sort of hesitant when it comes to REALLY late 80s anime OSTs but this is one of the few that I actually like. Both the vocal tracks rock and the BGM is nothing short of fantastic.

If you guys already know where I post my album rips...you'll find a DL link to this rip 😉


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