How to Become Fluent in Japanese From Zero at Home / 日本に住まなくても日本語は勉強できる!ステファニーさんにインタビュー

日本語上級者のステファニーさんにゼロからどうやって勉強したかインタビューしてみました。ステファニーさんは毎日、日本語を勉強しながらデータアナリストというキャリアを歩みつつ、地域のデータ業界(Data analytics and data science)を盛り上げるためにも活躍中!

00:00 What made you decide to learn Japanese?
01:02 How do you study Japanese?
01:56 So at first how did you study?
03:30 How do you remember kanji?
05:11 What made you decide to start using Italki?
06:55 How do you pick tutors? Do you have criteria?
09:26 What do you usually talk about with your tutors?
10:26 Experience of JLPT N2
12:57 JLPT has pros and cons BUT why you take it?
14:22 How do you maintain your motivation?
15:24 Took a year break from Japanese
16:27 How many hours about do you study with your tutors?

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