AKB48 Team 8 / AKB48 Team B  太田 奈緒 (NAO OTA)

AKB48 53rdシングル 世界選抜総選挙 アピールコメント
AKB48 53rd Single World Senbatsu General Election Appeal Comment
AKB48 第53張單曲 世界選拔總選舉 呼吁影片
วีดีโอหาเสียงงานเลือกตั้ง World Senbatsu General Election ประจำซิงเกิ้ลลำดับที่53 ของ AKB48

AKB48 Team 8 / AKB48 Team B 太田 奈緒 (NAO OTA)

Hello everyone I am Nao Ota from AKB48 Team 8 holding concurrent post in Team B. I will be participating in the world senbatsu general election this year.
I’m sure it will be a tough battle since it is world senbatsu and I am really anxious but I won’t give up till the end.
So I will be happy if I have your support and I will do my best. I am not good at serious talks so I had my mom make bento for good luck.
Its Hamburg Bento. I love Hamburg the most. Yummy. Lastly it was everyone’s idol Nao Ota. No that’s not it. It was Nao Ota born in Kyoto from Team 8.

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