SCP Readings: SCP-1730 What Happened to Site-13? Part 1

This SCP Foundation wiki reading video is about SCP 1730 "What Happened to site 13?", an SCP Foundation site that experiences a number of containment breaches, requiring the efforts of the best agents the SCP foundation can afford! What Happened to Site-13 is a multi-part story telling the SCP foundation agents adventures into this dangerous anomaly!

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SCP-1730 is a large complex of structures 15km northwest of the US/Mexico border within Big Bend Ranch State Park that was discovered on June 5th, ████. Due to the isolated nature of the complex, and the low survival rate of individuals who come in contact with it, it is possible that SCP-1730 had been previously discovered but unreported.

Recent Update: Survivors found at Site-13!

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