Can you spot fake motion blur? (When its next to the real thing)

Adding ‘fake’ digital motion blur in post is more and more common these days, but can you spot it next to the real thing?
Here, I side by side three various digital motion blurs with a real 180 degree shutter in camera motion blur.
(Some of these digital blurs taking a longer to render than others.)
To achieve this I filmed with two side by side cameras on my FPV quad, one with a fast 1/1600 shutter speed, then other at 1/50 shutter speed.
Then adding various digital motion blur effects onto the fast shutter speed version.

The chap that did the digital motion blur for me here is-
Hürcan Emre Yılmazer
hurcan.yilmazer on instagram

And the motion blurs he used were-

RSMB is ReelSmart Motion Bur Plugin.
The same plugin in after effects and davinci resolve.
AE_pixel_motion_blur is after effect’s own included motion blur effect
And default MB is Davinci Resolve Studio’s own included effect.

Any other questions, pop them in the comments.

Link to Hürcan Emre Yılmazer IG-

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