[JAPAN]  Hideaki Ito (part 2) – Award-winning Actor & Professional Diver


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This video updates you about Mr. Hideaoki Ito, an award-winning actor who is extremely popular around the world. He won numerous awards as a film actor, as well as a fashion model (see below). In 2014, Hideaki got married to Azusa Okuda, the best buddy of Ai Kato, an actress who is one of the best buddies of Hideaki. They were introduced by Ai on Ai’s wedding day in 2011. As of 2022, Hideaki and Azusa have two lovely children.
Since a teenager, Hideaki had a bad crush on Rie Miyazawa, an actress, who is two years his senior. That was part of his reason for becoming an actor, he says. He finally met Rie to act together but by then, she was already spoken for. So, he stayed as her friend.
As an actor, Hideaki won many awards; below are some of them:
2001 Elan d’Or Award / New Face Award.
2001 The 15th Takasaki Film Festival New Face Award (“BLISTER!”).
2006 The 49th The TV Drama Academy Awards Supporting Actor Award (TBS series “Bengoshi no
2011 Best of Best – 2010 Best Movie Selected by Movie Fans His Best Actor Award (“The Last
Message – Umizaru”).
2011 The 2010 Smokeless Film Awards Leading Actor Award (“The Last Message – Umizaru”).
The 38th Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor (“WOOD JOB!”)
2015 The 69th Mainichi Film Awards for Best Actor (“WOOD JOB!”)
Hideaki’s hobbies are many, but the most notable ones are horseback riding and diving. He has the owner qualification in Central Horse Racing, as well as a license to teach diving as a professional diver. He continues to play different roles in films in Japan and Europe. He enjoys challenging roles and welcomes them. Best of luck to Hideaki and his family!

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