The Last of Us 1 Remake vs Original Graphics Comparison - How Big of A Leap Is It?

After a long history of rumors and speculation, Naughty Dog finally pulled the veil on a shiny new remake of its 2013 masterpiece, The Last of Us - now rightfully dubbed The Last of Us Part 1. Naughty Dog are undisputed masters of Sony hardware, and the developer has continually provided the best visual fidelity within the constraints of the hardware time and time again. The Last of Us was easily one of the - if not the best looking game - at its time of release, and suffice to say - the game still looks great even by modern standards.

Scheduled to release sometime during September 2022, The Last of Us Part 1 seems to be a significant upgrade over the original in terms of graphical details and other quality-of-life features at first glance. That said, some fans have also rightfully questioned the very existence of this remake as well since the game is still perfectly playable (if a bit aged) thanks to the PS4 remaster that was released in 2014. Either way, here's a graphics comparison between the two versions of The Last of Us.

Please note that this is a preliminary graphics comparison, since we don't have much to go off of when it comes to The Last of Us Part 1's footage. With that out of the way, let's begin.

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