Madoka Magica - "Make a Wish" - Sis Puella Magica cover by Earth Kid

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This is an arrangement of "Sis Puella Magica!" (with a little bit of Sayaka's theme, "Decretum") from the wonderful anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. An earlier mix of this was featured on An Overclocked Christmas Vol. XI, which is a yearly holiday album released by members of the Overclocked ReMix community. Check it out here:

This arrangement features vocals, piano, harp, hammered dulcimer, Irish bouzouki, soprano recorder, and tambourine, all performed by me.

The video - which uses scenes from the show - was put together by my husband, and I think it really captures the story and feeling of this anime, which is a poignant and powerful deconstruction of the magical girl genre. As a lifelong Sailor Moon fan, getting into this series really made an impact on me, and with the soundtrack composed by the amazing Yuki Kajiura, Madoka Magica has cemented itself as one of my favorite media works. I hope you enjoy my arrangement and the video. If you haven't already, go watch the anime!

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Arranged, performed, and produced by Earth Kid
Video edited by Seth Tallman
Originally composed by Yuki Kajiura

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