【GHOST IN THE SHELL / 攻殻機動隊】譜 Utai III - Reincarnation - Kenji Kawai  (Cover)【Opning Theme】

Words and Music by:Kenji Kawai
Filmed/Edited/Audio produced by:Linaxd0_0b

I covered Kenji Kawai's "Uta III -Reincarnation".
"GHOST IN THE SHELL" is a monumental work for me.
It was a great opportunity to think about what the definition of life is and what makes me what I am.
The lyrics of this song are said to "express the fusion of Motoko Kusanagi and Puppet Master, as a marriage."

[About lyrics] ”Nue bird” was used as a makurakotoba for sad things because of its sad cry. There is also an old story about a specter with the face of a monkey, the body of a raccoon, the limbs of a tiger, and the tail of a snake that cried like a nue bird. As such, it has a scary and eerie image.
As an actual bird, it seems that a bird called White's Thrush is the established theory.
”Distant Ancestor God” may be Amaterasu Omikami, an ancestor who worships as a Japanese god.

When I first saw the anime, I thought that "Cyberbrains" was a dream story. However, the brain-machine interface (BMI), which connects the brain directly or indirectly, has already been studied by companies such as Neuralink, Kernel, and Synchron, and is expected to be generally applied to medical treatment in the near future. It may not be long before it can be used as an extension beyond the medical field.🧠🌈🌐✨
I love Tachikoma, so I hope the day will come when I can live together.


川井憲次の『謡III - Reincarnation』をカバーしました。
「GHOST IN THE SHELL」は私にとって金字塔の作品です。




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