The Ending Of Lost Finally Explained

Lost was a show that introduced so many mysteries over the course of six seasons that fans were nervous about how it would all wrap up in the finale. Ultimately, the ABC drama disappointed a lot of viewers with “The End,” as it seemed to go in a predictable and unsatisfying direction, but there might be more to the show’s final episode than you realized the first time. From the truth about whether the characters actually died in a plane wreck to the meaning of all those scenes set in an alternate reality, let’s take a look at the explanation of the ending of Lost.

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Was the island purgatory? | 0:00
The flash-sideways | 1:31
Did they die in the crash or not? | 2:37
When did everyone die? | 3:40
The Heart of the Island | 4:54
The survivors’ connections | 6:16
The smoke monster | 7:17
The DHARMA Initiative | 8:25
The deal with the church | 9:23
Ben doesn’t go in | 10:22

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