Makiko Ohmoto (Kirby) - Voice acting/seiyuu compilation 大本眞基子声優

Makiko Ohmoto (大本 眞基子, Ōmoto Makiko, born February 1, 1973) is a Japanese voice actress and narrator, best known for voicing Kirby in the eponymous game series and in Super Smash Bros., In anime from Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi series, and Lyn in Fire Emblem series.

Her compilation of voice acting 声優 for this video as follow:

Kirby series and Super Smash Bros. as Kirby
Super Smash Bros. as Ness
Fire Emblem series (2008 onwards) as Lyn
Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi as Ina/Inahime
One Piece as Makino, Tamanegi and Miss Monday
InuYasha: The Final Act as Bone Demon
Danganronpa as Sayaka Maizono

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