Ep40 Instrument Housing, Raymarine E70153 System Pack i50/i60, P3 (final)

Don’t drop the mast! I was turning the mast and it slipped off the mast hanger and I’m glad it missed my leg! Thanks Rocco for giving me a hand getting it back up on some horses.

I don’t know if I’m getting any better at these videos but I think I’m at least making some decent progress on the boat projects!

This is the last Raymarine installation video, and from the last video, I finished off the transducers in the hull. Using 3M 5200 marine sealant to secure them in place, you need to make sure that the 5200 has at least 7 days +10 celsius to ensure a proper hardening.

Following, my instrument housing had 4 instruments (the dead Signet Marine ones), but I only wanted to put 3, speed, depth and wind, into it. So I plugged the holes, did a tonne of sanding and got the housing freshly painted with Interlux Brightside White (over Interlux primer).

While I was painting in a makeshift paint booth, I also painted the cabin hatch and hatch cover.

After drilling in the holes, and assembling the gaskets onto the instruments, my final instrument cluster was done!

BTW: Not on video, finishing up the hull paint was 5 layers of Interlux 2000E barrier cote and then 3 layers of anti-foul MicronCSC Shark White.

Sailing Vessel Northern Comfort
1975 Hughes/North Star 1500/35, https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/north-star-150035
Golden Motor BLDC 10KW Electric Motor, 48V, https://goldenmotor.bike/product/48-volt-10kw-bldc-motor-liquid-cooled/
400W Solar Power, https://ca.renogy.com
Victron Energy MPPT Controller, https://www.victronenergy.com/
Aiming to be self sufficient, green, off-grid sailing
Still a way to go

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