RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR The largest war began in the east of Ukraine

RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR The largest war began in the east of Ukraine

After the Ukrainian and Russian delegations met in Istanbul, the Moscow administration announced that it would reduce the number of troops near Kiev as a sign of good faith and reduced the dose of attacks. The war, which has been going on for about 50 days, has shifted eyes to the east of Ukraine. dec.

But after it became clear that Russia, which withdrew from the region, was targeting civilians in many towns and cities, especially Bucha, Russian troops were seen advancing into eastern Ukraine. Experts said that Russia was targeting the east of Ukraine, while Ukrainian President Zelenskiy announced that he was preparing for attacks.

Noting that the coming weeks will be very important and tense for the course of the war, Zelenskiy said: “Russia will be even more afraid. They’ll be afraid of losing. They will be afraid to realize the truth,” he said.

Zelenskiy said: “Russian soldiers will prepare much larger operations in the east of our country. They can use missiles against us or even drop bombs from the air. But we are prepared for their moves. We will respond,” he said.

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