Dream-Star Button Nose - English Opening

Ladies and gents, shit just got real.

Aquaspiller sent me the English opening audio. I slapped together this audio and the video from the version i posted before and there you go.
All the thanks go to this person -- http://www.youtube.com/user/aquaspiller

Lyrics as i hear them:
Теперь ты не скоро увидишь землю [Rus: Now you won't see Earth for a long time]

To a land of sweets and berries,
Far from troubles ordinary,
To a sugar world, in a galaxy of sweetness,
Came a girl so brave and clever,
Though she dreamed, i'm sure she'd never,
Never thought she'd see
The day she'd be royalty.

Hey, little button nose, everybody knows
You are the ruler of this fairy land, the berry land,
Where everything's so sweet.
Hey little button nose, everybody knows
The way adventure seems to follow you,
Nothing like the fantasy come true.

Hey, little button nose, everybody knows,
So wise and gentle in this fairy land,
Button nose the [king?] of berry land.

Everybody knows little button nose.

Лили в клубничном мире [Rus: Lily in the Strawberry World/Land]

----------------Suddenly Names, Thousands of Them!-----------------
Yume No Hoshi No Button Nose aka Dream-star Button Nose aka 夢の星のボタンノーズ aka Лили В Клубничном Мире ака Кнопочка и Звезда Её Мечты aka Dream Star Botannozu aka 『Botannozu dream of stars』 aka Button-nose from the Star of Dreams

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