Cybot Robotchi –  Episode 01 (Japanese with English Subtitles)

An anime from 1983 that’s like a cross between Dr. Slump and anything by Go Nagai. In Japanese with English Subtitles. This series is obscure and unnecessarily rare, unless you’re from Italy. I felt it needed to have an English translation. All stuff by Go Nagai and Dynamic Planning is awesome. While this series may not have been created by Go Nagai, it was co-created by Ken Ishikawa, who is as close enough to being Go Nagai without being Go Nagai.

Excerpts from this series was released as a direct-to-video VHS tape in the United States under the title “Robby the Rascal” in 1985. But those of you who found this already know that.

Some scenes censored, even though I aged restricted this video. They showed naughty bits.

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